Waste not, want not!

31 Dec

Months ago I bought a pack of peppered Pastrami. To my disappointment when I opened it, there was so much pepper in the packet it was almost inedible. I scraped as much pepper off it as I could and froze most of it only to find the pack yesterday, wondered what was in it and defrosted it.


I really didn’t fancy it with all that pepper on and so as not to waste it, under the tap it all went. Lots of the pepper washed off so but it still had a stong peppery taste. I needed to water down the peppery taste somehow.


I chopped and fried an onion till softened in a light spray of oil, (using the oil spray I received as a present for my birthday in October)

I added a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of rinsed, borlotti beans. There is lots of protein in these beans and slow release carbs which make you feel fuller longer than bread or potatoes (or so my Son Richard informs me)

The washed pastrami was patted dry with kitchen paper, chopped with scissors and added to the mixture.


The result thankfully was now edible.  The strong pepper taste was now more subtle and quite tasty!

DSC_1397Lots left over for another day too.

The Pastrami’s life had been saved to live again!


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