I hadn’t planned a walk!

30 Dec

I hadn’t planned on having a walk on a Sunday morning.

I’m not thrilled at the idea of exercise.

I hate it when my heart pounds in my chest and my throat burns when I gasp for air so going to the gym or going jogging is quite out of the question and console myself with the fact that I chase round after a three year old, Evie, on many days during the week and that gets me up and off the sofa from my favourite horizontal position.

I have on occasions walked to the post box at the bottom of the road so Evie could pop a letter in the box. On more occasions I’ve driven there! Well my hair might get blown about and that would never do!

Last night however, I drove to my daughter, Helen’s house (@BakingAitch on Twitter) and enjoyed pulled Pork in crusty rolls, Cranberry & Orange meringue pie and a few beers. The outcome of the few beers (well lager, actually) was that the car was left and I got a lift home from a non drinker.

The car needed retrieving! So this morning I walked to collect it!

So you are asking, How far did I walk? Erm… just over a mile! Not far for most people, but to me who walks only round the garden or a shopping precinct, it was a landmark occasion.

There were hills involved too I might add!

It took me 23mins and I set off in sunshine with blue sky and got there in spiky rain.

Why did I walk you may ask, when I could have waited and Helen would have picked me up to get it. It all boils down to my realisation that the few pounds I have put on over Christmas have added to the 10lbs I would have liked to lose before Christmas and they are not going anywhere fast!

I drove from picking up my car to the supermarket where I resisted all manner of highly fattening foods and bought carrots, salad items and weight watchers ready meals (for emergency quick food)

When I got home I proceeded to put together a salad and ate it with some healthy (good for me) oily salmon with peppercorns.

Sunday lunch

I’ve enjoyed it but know that this afternoon I will be looking longingly at the mince pies and Christmas cake and chocolate biscuits and chocolates and ………. so many things still left from Christmas goodies. I will resist the temptation!

I’m going to Helen’s for tea. Stew tonight, a lovely change from roasts, buffets etc. over the holidays.

Thats fine. I wont over eat.

When I put my mind to it and decide to diet I can do it.

Its all in the mind. Its a waste of money for me to go to Weight Watchers or Slimming World or the like. If I could get in the frame of mind to go to a WW or SW meeting then its the same dieting frame of mind which I have to do it myself. So why waste my money. I have all the books from previous occasions, I know what is fattening and what is healthy.

Although I am fine at keeping the calories low during the day time its after tea when my calorie intake is not in most diet plans.

If you see meals planned out for a days dieting, there are 3 main meals with perhaps a healthy snack morning and afternoon.

My problem is that my calorie intake after tea. Crisps, nuts, wine and lager! Hmph! Ok I’ll be cutting down, if not cutting out!

I plan to have days off. New Years Eve for instance I know there will be party nibbles so I’ll have salad during the day and allow myself ‘naughty food’ later.

We are also planning a trip to Pizza Express during the holidays and I’ll eat pizza.

I shall report back!


One Response to “I hadn’t planned a walk!”

  1. Jo aka Kiwijo December 30, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    Why not factor in a small evening snack to your calorie count for the day? Im sure if you shave a few calories here and there from your main meals you will have enough left for an evening treat. :o)

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