11 questions I have been asked to answer.

23 Sep

Cybele de Jong ( a lovely twitter friend) has nominated me for an award.  This one is the Liebster award and is given to blogs with 200 readers or fewer.

I have now to answer pre set questions and then in turn nominate 6 more bloggers to answer similar questions

I think I’ll have some trouble answering many of these!

1. If you could only read one author for the rest of your days, who would you read?

The truth is I don’t read books. I told someone recently that the last book I’d read was Rich Man Poor Man. I got the name wrong. It was Cane and Abel. Gosh how many years ago was that. I can’t remember. Probably almost 30!

I then thought again. I had read books since then. I did start to read the Harry Potter books and gave up half way through book 3. Rubbish aren’t I? ……so I can’t give an answer to the question.

2. If you were queen for the day, who would you knight.

I dont know.

3. What is your most memorable day?

As each memorable day passes by, the closest in time sticks in my mind.  Perhaps I will choose the birth of Evie. Closer in time and uppermost in my mind as it was only 3 yrs 6 months ago. I was at her birth and I found it a wonderful experience.

4. You are leaving town for ever and need to pack  your worldly goods in a backpack- what is the first thing you would reach for?

My handbag which in turn contains my mobile phone which contains contact numbers and photos. Perhaps thats all I need. This question should actually jog me into de cluttering some of my hoardings which I really dont need. My bag also contains, lip salve, indigestion tablets, nasal spray and money which I would want to take with me.

5. Where would you go if money wasn’t an object?

I’d like to have another look at Las Vegas. I’ve been 3 times and I could never re capture the moment but I’d like to see what changes has gone on since I was last there in 2003.

6.  Who would you take with you?

The family. Helen, Rod and Evie and baby bump (due imminently) and Richard and friend and any friends who wanted to come with us. If money is no object, everyone is welcome.

7. Are you a closet Star Trek fan?

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. I don’t mind Star Trek. I watch the series when it was on for the first time round and wouldn’t miss it then.

I have watched many episodes of the new series too when my Son Richard was at home (he loves sci fi)

8. What is your favourite flower?

I love Orchids. I have four plants at the moment. One in flower and three others with new shoots on so hopefully they will flower soon too.

9. Where do you feel most at home

Here at home of course although everytime I go back to Ripon where I grew up I love it and feel comfortable being there. I’ve realised as I’ve got older that I could be at home anywhere. Anywhere that my possessions are about me (which obviously make me feels safe, as I’m such a hoarder
 Hoarding is my middle name ) and as long as my family are in near by or at least in contact with me.


10. How do you prefer to travel,  car, plane, train walking etc?

There is a time and place for them all. (For instance I would hate to walk to Spain!)

11. What did (do) you want to be when you grew up?

I had no idea.   I wrote a blog a while ago about this subject  Retirement is wonderful

Now I should nominate 6 bloggers but I’m not going to….

I’ve contributed to a similar tagging blog before, 10 things you didn’t know about me  but also I’ve turned down posts like this in the past. I decided to do it this time as Cybele seems such a lovely lady and I didn’t want to let her down.

I dont want to impose on anyone but on the other hand if  you read this and would like to contribute I should love to read your answers… its entirely up to you.


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