The Knitting & Stitching show, Harrogate. 23rd-26th November 2017

1 Nov

Competition is now closed. All winners have been notified

When buying tickets if you use the discount code EVIE you will be able to buy the tickets at a reduced rate.

The winners on this blog are Carol, Jay and Isabel.

Winners on my IG account @eviesgran,  have been notified.


I have been offered 5 pairs of complimentary tickets to give away for the Knit and Stitch Show in Harrogate which is to take place from Thursday 23rd November, 2017 until Sunday 26th November, 2017.

These tickets can be used on any of the days   EXCEPT SATURDAY 25th NOVEMBER 2017

At the show you’ll find everything from basic to specialist supplies, and fabulous finished makes by experts and students. There are workshops you can book places on and I love to go to the top floor (don’t miss it!) where you can see various groups at work.

I also love to sit in the Royal Hall for refreshments and look at the old theatre.

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets, please comment that you would like to win the tickets, on this blog, or on Instagram, @Eviesgran or on my twitter account @Eviesgran

All names will be entered in the draw and the winners will be notified by Thursday 16th November. The tickets will then be posted out to the lucky winners.

I am soon to be given a discount code which will allow you to buy tickets at a reduced price.  Using this code there is a discount of £2.50 on adult advance tickets and £1 reduction on advance concession tickets.  Check back in a day or two when I should have received the code.


Good luck with the ‘giveaway and have fun.


Review: The True Tea Club

4 May


When I was offered a  free subscription box from The True Tea Club I hadn’t looked into it too much and I must admit didn’t know what I would be getting or what type of tea to expect so when I opened the box and saw the unusually flavoured, exotically named teas, I wondered if I would like them as in the past when I have tried green tea or fruit teas, I really wasn’t impressed.

I read the instructions which give amounts to use, brewing times and temperature of water to use and followed them to the letter.

In the past I realise now, I have had the water too hot or brewed too long as some of the packets say to leave the leaves in the water for 10 to 20 secs.  (the list below which came in the box of teas must have the maximum times to brew!)

I truthfully was amazed to find that I liked all four of the teas sent to me!


Some of the teas contain pieces of fruit (Pineapple in the Tropical Sundance, Orange in the Orange Crush)

All of the tea is 100% natural, unprocessed and boasts a plethora of health properties and antioxidants.

In the letterbox sized subscription box with the 4 teas are some draw string tea bags which you can use but infusing the tea in a teapot and using a tea strainer is the usual way to brew, I would suggest.


Copied from The True Tea Club website ( This is what to expect:

“Every month, receive a tea subscription box which contains four loose leaf teas from around the world. 

We have a huge selection of loose tea available. With new and exciting teas and infusions for all tea lovers.

We have Black, Green and White teas, Oolong, Rooibos selections, Fruit Infusions and specialist teas.

Whether it be delicate and aromatic, rich and fruity, or light and refreshing, there’s something for everyone. 

With a library of over 200 loose teas, expect endless surprise flavours inside your subscription box

There are no long standing commitments.

You can simply cancel anytime.”

I suggest that for anyone cutting down on calories (that’s me!) drinking these teas would be a great treat to enjoy when not having chocolate or other such delights and I have found I have savoured the teas and loved the aromas which have invaded my kitchen.

Personally, whether I’d drink enough of the tea to use it all in a month is debatable, but for larger households, especially if you already like flavoured and unusual teas, a subscription would be perfect.





The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 7)

27 Nov

20161127_091300-1For this challenge, I received some zeroUV  blue blocking glasses which I was asked to wear before bed, for one hour a day for a few weeks.

Devices such as smartphones and tablets are often illuminated by light emitting diodes, or LED’s, that tend to emit blue wavelength light, which can keep you awake for longer. The glasses block the blue wavelength light, therefore aiding a more peaceful night’s sleep after watching tv or using a smartphone before bed.

This was a difficult challenge for me as I already wear glasses and after trying to wear the zeroUV glasses over the top of my own, I found them very uncomfortable and to wear them alone without my own spectacles, defeated the object of the exercise as I couldn’t see to operate any of these blue light omitting devices!

I usually fulfil what is required of me for these Sealy challenges but because wearing the glasses proved uncomfortable and I was not able to relax with the zeroUV  glasses on, I wore them some days for a short time but did not wear them for the hour a day as specified on the challenge.  I always feel that being relaxed before bed aids a better night’s sleep and this challenge being uncomfortable wearing the zeroUV glasses, was not one that I felt helped.

I will interested to hear if any of the other Sealy Deeper Sleeper panel members who could wear them for the hour a day as stipulated, find them useful.


The Christmas Experience at Lotherton Hall. 2016

24 Nov




I was very happy to accept an invitation to the press preview of the Christmas Experience at Lotherton Hall and also extremely pleased that after two days of torrential rain, a fine day was forecast for the preview evening on Wednesday 23rd November 2016.

After picking up Evie from School at 3.30pm we ate our picnic tea in the car and drove to Lotherton Hall Estate.

(The address is Off Collier Lane, Aberford, Leeds LS25 3EB.)

The invitation had said

‘Follow the dancing fairy lights around our fun and interactive Twelve Days of Christmas woodland walk’ and it was exactly that, from the partridge in a pear tree, chirping away and onwards….

The children Evie 7 and Isaac 4 loved pulling the rope to flap the wings of the Calling birds. They came upon the ‘geese a laying’ where they could throw bean bags and knock the eggs off, as on a coconut shy.


The ‘swans a swimming’ was a ‘hook a duck’ pool. Lots of fun to be had there.

There were ‘drummers drumming’ with a little help from the kids and the ‘five gold rings’ were large and created  a tunnel of light to walk through.

The children spun the ‘ladies dancing’ to light up the figures and they raced round lighting them all up one by one till they were all lit up.


and here are Evie and Isaac with the ‘maids a milking’

The Elf village was equally exciting with an area where Fairy doors  could be painted and glittered and  they both enjoyed making Reindeer food and bagging it up.


The Elves were there looking splendid in their green outfits and of course I mustn’t forget our visit to Santa who chatted to the children as they gazed at him in wonder.

img-20161124-wa0001341There was hot chocolate for the children which they both really enjoyed, and a cafe area and gift shop here in the Elf Village too.

We walked through the Fairy Dell , and Evie loved the whispering sounds of the fairies and little doors and houses.

The House itself looked wonderful, decked beautifully and sounding very Christmassy, with music and carols in the hall


We knew that the children had loved it when on the way back to the car, without prompting, Evie said ” That was great!” and Isaac cried and didn’t want to go home!

It was a lovely start to the Christmas season and the grown up had a good time too.








The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 6)

1 Nov

A really heavy parcel arrived for this the 6th part of the 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Challenge and inside it was a

                                                                                              unlit lamp

This lamp was made of Himalayan crystal salt and when the lamp was plugged in and the electric turned on, it is believed that negatively charged ions are created and sent into the air. Positive ions tend to be overproduced and reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in irregular and disrupted sleep patterns.  Himalayan pink salt lamps are natural negative ion generators, so can help reverse these symptoms.

As I walked in the room where the lamp was lit, I somehow felt to breathe more easily. Was it my imagination or not? I really don’t know but perhaps the negative ions made me feel this way.


                                                                                           lit lamp

I already have one of these lamps in the house but had forgotten about it but when I felt this coolness in the air and the feeling of breathing in cool air, it brought back the memory that previously when I had switched on my older lamp, I had the same feeling of breathing deeper. It was a very relaxing feeling.


                                                                                      my old salt lamp

The idea of this challenge was to use the lamp for a minimum of an hour a day and notice it on the days when the lamp was used, if sleep was better than when not using the lamp.

I actually have been away on holiday to the east coast of England for some of the time of this challenge, so haven’t used the lamp every day. Whilst away I had lots of fresh air and excercise and sea air (and a glass or two of wine) so to say I was in a strange bed, I slept quite well there too.

I do think there are benefits to be had by using the lamp and introducing the negative ions into the atmosphere and the light which is a gentle glow through the salt crystal walls of the lamp, gives a relaxed feeling to the room and especially when I used it for the hour before bedtime I think  it did help me to settle and I have slept well while using the lamp.









The Knitting & Stitching show, Harrogate. 24th- 27th November 2016

21 Oct



I have been offered 5 pairs of complimentary tickets to give away to the Knit and Stitch Show in Harrogate which is to take place from Thursday 24th November, 2016 until Sunday 27th November, 2016.

These tickets can be used on any of the days   EXCEPT SATURDAY 26th NOVEMBER

To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets, please comment that you would like to win the tickets, on this blog, or on Instagram, @Eviesgran or on my twitter account @Eviesgran

All names will be entered in the draw and the winners will be notified by Sunday 13th November. The tickets will then be posted out to the lucky winners.

I also have available a discount code which will allow you to buy tickets at a reduced price.  Using this code there is a discount of £2.50 on adult advance tickets and £1 reduction on advance concession tickets.  This will make the ticket price £12.

The code is     EVIE16

Good luck with the ‘giveaway and have fun.


13th November 2016

I’m pleased to say that the winners of the competion are:

Victoria Marks, Isma Almas, Bridget Mellor, Jasmine Whiting and Karen Dodgson.

Thanks to all who entered.

The 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper Panel (EviesGran part 5)

4 Sep

The 5th Challenge for the 2nd Sealy’s Deeper Sleeper panel had arrived when I returned from a few days away from home.

I opened the post from the Sealy team to find a ‘sportline 4202’ pedometer.

The idea of this challenge was to try to walk 10,000 steps a day  to see if by keeping active, a deeper sleep could be achieved. The pedometer was to keep a check on the steps.

Not the easiest packaging to get into!

I cut down the edge to preserve the packaging and still couldn’t access the item. Straight through the middle I decided to cut and then it dawned on me that there may be instructions somewhere inside. 

I did eventually get into it and rescued the instructions of how to set up the pedometer and on my first attempt, gave up on the programming of the, press mode, press set, press reset, concoction of instructions and perhaps  I would try again in due course.

The few days away from home that I mentioned above, was to visit Beamish museum which is near Durham. My husband and I had taken our children Helen and Richard there 25 years ago and Helen wanted to return to the place to show her children.

Although we are only a couple of hours drive away from Beamish from where we live in West Yorkshire, we decided to stay in a hotel which was only a few miles from the town so we could return again using our tickets which when purchased, can be used again and again for a year.

We knew there would be a lot to see and in the end we ended up visiting Beamish on every day of our three days in the North East.

I knew that Helen had an app on her phone which counted steps and the step count for our days walking about in Beamish were as follows:

Monday    8096

Tuesday   8895

Wednesday   8316

Being in a family room in a hotel we had to settle down to sleep at the same time as the children. On the Monday night, I achieved 9 hrs sleep of a good quality and some was deep sleep.

On the Tuesday night although the light went out at 9.30, I was still awake at midnight and woke at 4.40. I did manage to go back eventually and slept again until 7 ish. Not the best night’s sleep I have had.

Wednesday night I was back at home in my own bed. I was tired out with not only the activity but with the travelling too and I was asleep by 10.30. I did wake up once and then went back to sleep until 7.30. A great night’s sleep and a deep sleep too.

I think activity and becoming extra tired can make me sleep well although there are other things to be taken into consideration too, as the three nights mentioned above shows. Although I had walked a similar amount on the Tuesday, my mind was active and without a relaxed brain, sleeps eluded me so having lots of activity and just being extra tired, did not make me sleep well on the Tuesday.

Most days I do run up the stairs rather than walk up them and being an old lady only weeks away from being 70, I do feel I am lucky to still be as active as I am. In term time I look after my grandchildren on those days doing the school run, I walk further than on the days when I don’t look after them but it is very unlikely that I will walk 10,000 steps in one day, never mind every day.

Although it is quite interesting to see on a pedometer or perhaps a phone app step counter, just how many steps have been achieved, I know myself if I have been active or less active on a day to day basis and sometimes having a quiet day at home with less activity and more relaxation and therefore less stimulation of the brain works just as well for me in achieving a great night’s sleep and a deeper sleep than becoming excessively tired by having lots of exercise.